Customer Care

My CU Perks was declined.

Stores usually decline CU Perks for 11 reasons, with the most common reasons being:

  • Another link was clicked on immediately before purchase
  • Coupons from outside of your CU Perks website were used
  • Cookies were blocked by anti-virus software.
  1. Your cookies were turned off or being blocked by software like AdBlock or Anti-Virus programs.
  2. You entered a coupon code not found on/or associated with CU Perks during the checkout process for the merchant.
  3. You cancelled or returned the order.
  4. You used a discount offer not offered by CU Perks.
  5. You placed the order offline by calling the merchant.
  6. You purchased a gift card or gift certificate.
  7. You bought an item that did not qualify for CU Perks.
  8. The terms of the offer were not met. Please check the CU Perks guidelines of each merchant.
  9. You purchased an item online, but picked the order up in store. If we have not expressly noted that you can earn CU Perks rewards in the CU Perks guidelines for the merchant, you will not earn CU Perks for your purchase.
  10. You purchased prescription medications. Prescription medications (for humans & pets) are not eligible for CU Perks.
  11. You purchased a gaming system. Most merchants do not pay CU Perks on gaming systems. Please check merchant guidelines.
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